“More than a decade ago I got fascinated by the beauty of Andalucia. Especially the area around Ronda: the Serrania de Ronda. On the west side the reservoir with the climb of Las Palomas and on the east side the Sierra de las Nieves.”

Ger de Heus - Owner and founder

Ger de Heus, the founder and owner of Sunhillcycling is still just as enthusiastic about this region. “Just like many of my guests I was a passionate touring cyclist in the Netherlands and eagerly took part in cyclosportive trips. Among others is La Marmotte that I was able to ride a few times. But also as a holiday cyclist, I criss-crossed many regions of Europe and North-America. When in 2010 I made a decision to start with my own business, the choice of the region and the name was easily made. Bienvenido en Andalucia!

And now it's time for a new step I have been brooding on for some time. To offer our guests even more choice and to keep doing it all year around, we are offering our cycling trips in Algarve. I've been there a few times and cannot wait to share this joy with everyone. From now on, Sunhillcycling offers cycling holidays all year around and this we do with the trusted dedication and quality. We will take care of a stressfree holiday for our guests!”

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Danny Verschueren

"My name is Danny, I'm 53 years old and I come from Westerlo in Belgium. I've owned a tennis shop in Belgium for years and decided, the time has come to do something completely different.

Although, I'm into mountain biking, I find it delightful to get on to the racing bicycle and to guide our guests through the spectacular rich mountain landscape around Ronda. Only one thing is sure: you either ride up or down. Driving along a canal with a big resistance is certainly not an option.

It pleasures me the most, when our guests, quick or slow, old or young, despite (sometimes) heavy strains, finish the ride and look back at it with a delight and just say that it was "good". More than this I don't really need. Though, a fresh beer after a ride is not to be missed as well!"

Jord van Haelst

"My name is Jord and I'm 25 years old, I'm from Tilburg. Two years ago I started cycling, and now I'm crazy about it, making more than six thousands miles a year. It's a great sport and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Ronda while cycling. From long climbs to going down fast and zooming over the rolling "Spanish surface". Most of all I enjoy riding long distances through the Spanish landscape with a group of die-hard cyclists. But to go out with "team terrace" along the many Spanish coffee bars is also a great pleasure to me."

Peter Wierda

"Puffing, a mountain up, laughing, a mountain down. I just love it. It's such a delight to enjoy the spectacular surroundings and the challenges of the terrain with our guests. And then a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at a terrace in the sun. A well-deserved reward. That's why I'm doing it. On the flanks of the Alpe d’Huez, I've met Ger and since then we share the passion to share this great experience with everyone. That's why I regularly join the Sunhillcycling team of guides. Starting 2019, not only I will take my racing bike on the plain with me, but also thick tires. Because apart from beautiful abandoned mountain roads, the region roars in challenging trails with often spectacular views! I cannot wait!"

Dennis Ruijgt

"I've been living a life of a sprinter for a year and a half already. Training for special cycling races, like the tour of Cameroon. And of course, it's great, working as a cycling guide, it feels just like being a professional cyclist. I prefer to work in a beautiful, sunny setting, with mountains for some challenging rides. That's how I ended up at Sunhillcycling. I enjoy working as a cycling guide here. Either a relaxing round trip or a hard climb, it's always a great delight, being in Andalucia and Algarve!"

Martijn Veling

"As a graduated Master in Human Movement science in combination with the cycling race, I have a broad basis to provide you with tips and tricks. I want to ensure, you will be able to cycle harder, further and more comfortably."

Robin Driehuijs

"In the autumn of 2015, I came to Sunhillcycling to work there for four months. I was the first cycling guide hired by Ger and have learned a lot during my work in Ronda. Before I arrived in February, I was cycling just for a year, so it was important to build up more experience. Ger showed me all the routes around Ronda, and very soon, I knew the mountains as the palm of my hand. Partly because of the experience I have built at Sunhillcycling, I'm currently cycling races in the Netherlands, at the cycling club De Jonge Renner. After my summer in Spain, I kept working at Sunhillcycling as a "reserve guide" and besides I'm working a lot in the social media and marketing segment."

Eddy van Bel

"Cycling together with our guests, sharing our stories during and after the trip and enjoying the beautiful weather in Spain makes me happy. By taking this new challenge I hope to meet many (new) friends here!"

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