What else can I do in Ronda apart from cycling?

Ronda is a small city with 35,000 residents and has a lot to offer with its numerous attractions. We highly recommend you to go for a walk in the old Moorish district of the city. Of course, you have to see the arena and above all, enjoy the spectacular sight over the rift.

You can also indulge in other activities in Ronda. A beautiful walk through the rift, a visit to the local swimming pool or bird watching, it is all possible in Ronda.

What else can I do in Portimão?

A beautiful beach with limestone rocks. Good restaurants and lots of sunshine. This is what Portimão has to offer. Apart from cycling you can just enjoy this place with its beautiful sights. Also, in case your non-cycling family members come here with you, there is so much to do, they won't get bored. There are lots of water activities from swimming to paddle surfing, and from surfing to sailing. Or you can go shopping or visit the old village. And you can rent a car easily and fast and ride to other hidden beaches like, for example, Carvoeiro and Ferragudo on the other side of the harbour.

What condition is needed for a cycling trip?

The surroundings of Ronda are a typical low mountain range where you either climb up or down. In reality this will be more tiring, than one long climb in one day. A good basic shape is more than recommended. If you usually cycle at least two or three times a week with a fair intensity, then you will be able to climb all the slopes here.

In Algarve you also can have a beautiful cycling trip along the coast. The route is not really flat, but easier to drive than the one in Andalucia. If you normally cycle once a week, then Algarve will be perfect for you!

Can I bring my own bicycle with me?

Yes, you can! We will take care of safe transport of your bicycle from the Málaga airport to Ronda, and a week later, back again. Please, ensure that, for the transport on the plane and from the airport to Ronda, your expensive bicycle is well packed in a cycle bag, -case or -box.

What airport will I arrive at?

You are flying to the Málaga airport to go to Ronda. For your holiday in Algarve you will fly to the Faro airport.

How will I find you upon arrival?

One of our chauffeurs will be waiting for you at the airport to bring you to the hotel. Depending on the size of the group and arrival times, a suitable transport will be provided.

Is this an all-inclusive holiday?

Upon your arrival at the airport and up to your departure a week later everything is included in the price. You have to book your flight yourself. You will choose the lunch yourself, during or after the day trip. The first drink with dinner is always included.